GSG Newsletters

Back issues of recent GSG Newsletters which were distributed electronically are made available here. Newsletters are issued every couple of months but the main GSG organ, the Bulletin, is not available online, sorry. Newsletters 155-166 which are not currently available will be added as soon as the current and previous newsletter editors getup to speed on the workings of the website and can catch up on the back-log.

The 2005 GSG Annual Dinner was held in The Wheatsheaf Inn, Ingleton on Saturday 29th October attended by 49 members and guests. We filled the conservatory at the front of the building and overflowed into the main dining room. After a fine three course meal (3.5 for Paul whose unexpected movement led to some of Debbie's salmon sliding down his back) there were the usual speeches followed by presentation of the Golden Gnome.

One of the main objectives of the surface dig above High Pasture Cave has been to unearth the old Iron Age entrance into Bone Passage. By late August many items of archaeological interest had been found including quern stones, hearths, bone pins, pottery, and sets of hammer stones. Some steps had been found leading away from the excavation. Though a depth of about 3m was reached and the trench extended once, the pre-historic entrance didn't appear.

This year's Annual Dinner will be held in the Wheatsheaf Inn, Ingleton on Saturday 29th October. As usual this is as Summer Time ends giving all an extra hour of recovery time on the Sunday morning. We will have exclusive use of the conservatory for our meal (L15), but as it holds a maximum of 39 only the first 39 members who confirm their booking with a cheque will be guaranteed a seat there.

The AGM was held in Winchburgh on January 22nd and was attended by 14 members. Below are highlights of the morning's discussions. Any member wishing to see the full minutes, please contact the Secretary.

We heard in late December that the BCA annual subscriptions for CIMs (Club Individual Members) are unchanged from last year - see the email from Nick Williams reproduced below. There is also welcome news to members of multiple clubs. They need only pay the BCA subscription to one of them: for 2004 they had to pay the 6 non-caving subscription to all their extra clubs.

Bookings for this year's Annual Dinner at the Inch have been flowing in. So far there are 51 confirmed bookings with several more expressions of intent - but no booking form or cheque! If you have not booked your place, now is the time to do it. Use the booking form in the last Newsletter, or if you can't find it send me a cheque (made payable to 'GSG') for 16.00 per person and tell me your choices of main course - venison, gammon, salmon, or vegetable lasagne.